September 20

Time to go camping!

Hey, my name is Javan and in this blog I am going to tell you about a camping adventure that I am going to have! At the 23rd of September me and all of my cousins are going to go on a big camping trip for three days! I will soon give you an explanation on what happened on the camping trip.


September 15

Exciting Maths Games!

Hi, my name is Javen and in this blog I will show you a piece of art that me, Jayden and Daniel have made and designed(you can find their blog on one of the side things). We have been working on this for a few weeks or less and If you look below you can find a picture of our game. The reason to make the maths games was to make them for the pre primaries to use.

August 30

Blogging Task #3

Hi my name is Javen and in this blog I will be telling you a bit about my family tree. My mum was born in Vietnam and then went Australia when she was young and went to the school that I go to now for primary school.

I was born in Western Australia and I have 2 other siblings. I am the middle child and my older brother is named Hayden and my little brother’s name is Paxsen

My dad was born in Hong Kong and has 3 sisters that live  al the way in Hong Kong unlike my dad does in Australia. My mum also had siblings that live in Australia like I do. (Sorry if I don’t have much info on my grandparents right now). I might update this blog if I get more information but for now hope you enjoyed.

August 18

The Flu Attack

Hi my name is Javen and I have not been so well lately because I had a very bad Flu and to those who do not know what Flu it is a SUPER BAD SICKNESS and trust me, you do not want to get one because I was sick for four days and brother kept saying ‘Your so lucky you get to stay home from school.’ To me because he did not like school as much as I did.

My Flu that I had was pretty bad because I had a fever, a cough and a sore throat(and don’t forget the vomiting I had too). All I really did was just eat, nap and play on my device for a few hours. Ok, that was really all I could tell you about what happened when i was sick so hope you enjoyed.

August 9

Happy Birthday Dad!

Hello my name is Javen and in this post I will tell you everything that I did at a very important day(my dad’s birthday). So first thing in the morning I woke up with my big brother early in the morning and we both worked on birthday cards for my dads and when we gave them to him he was very happy.

In the afternoon my mum decided to go to the local shopping mall for lunch for my dad’s birthday and we ended up going to the food court and I ordered some beef teriyaki from a Japanese restaurant in the food court while my dad ate rice with spicy soup. After that we went to go shop at Myer and I found my favourite lego set but I obviously wasn’t allowed since it was my dad’s birthday day.

For dinner we went to a Chinese restaurant located in Crown hotel and it was absolutely the best! We had this big plate of crab fried rice and we had this beef which was very good. we also had this cake at the end of dinner with edible gold on top but my brother ate it, not me sadly… Then after that we went home with satisfaction in our stomachs.


Hope you enjoyed!👍

August 8

My Week

Hi, my name is Javen and, in this post, I will tell you about my week in school. In school at Tuesday we did Art and I got into the 16 art finalist for Naidoc week! (which is explained in my past posts so make sure to check them out) for maths in school we started to do order of operations which are math equations that are written like this 5×6+23×4 and I also learned about the order that we do the them, our teacher explained to us about the thing called BIMDAS or BODMAS or whatever you think it is but BIMDAS stands for Brackets, Indices, and that was just about it about everything I can really remember. I got the rippa reader in my classes by the way which is a reward that is chosen by the teacher when someone is very good at reading in the literacy pro program which is a reading app that you do quizzes to get more words read and other things like books read ect.

Hope you enjoyed! (And also this was a post that I did a long time ago)

August 2

What I Have Been Up To

Hello my name is Javen and in this post I will tell you everything I have been doing in school. So in Art we have been doing drawings of emojis on a big piece of paper which we have been doing for 3 weeks so far. So in HASS we have been learning about the reasons why convicts were transported to Australia (fun fact they were transported there because there were too many criminals). In sport we have been doing jumps, throws and runs to get ready for our sport carnival coming up soon in a week or something like that. For maths I have been doing things about graph locations and the quadrants which were decently hard not that easy not that hard. In novel story I have been listening to the ‘His Name Is Walter’ story and we are up to chapter 3 so far and we have been doing a lot of activities on the story like wonder wall and character maps.

hope you enjoyed this post.

July 28

Story Starters

Hi, my name is Javen and in this post I will show you some story starters that I  did in spelling. Here are a few:

Jumped – Jake jumped on the platform with a skilful summersault.

Paddle – ‘Paddle faster boys!’ Daniel shouted.

Band – Christian couldn’t take it any more, the band was falling apart.

Daddy – ‘Daddy!’ ‘Daddy!’ Charlotte shrieked.


and that was it. Sorry for having a short post. And hope you enjoyed 👍

July 20

My Korean Holiday

Hi, my name is Javen and in this blog I will be talking about my experience in Korea (South Korea Hopefully not north) . So to get to Korea I had to fly in the absolute LONGEST FLIGHT EVER *sigh* maybe not the longest but a very long 15 hour flight, and trust me you do not need to know how many times I puked.

In Korea we went to a massive fish market with basically A LOT of live sea creatures and we could actually go up to any restaurant located in the market and ask them to cook our purchases. My dad also did the most UNBELIEVABLE AND SURPRISING THING he bought an ENTIRE KING CRAB. And also all just for lunch with just my family no one else, and trust it was… YUM I enjoyed myself a lot.

Then a few days later after that I went to a massive Korean market with my Dad’s side of cousins and first we went to a homemade sushi place and it was so good. Then we went to a Korean styled place and ate some dumplings. Then we went to a desert kind of place and I just got bread with corn inside.

And last we went to JD (a shoe shop). In JD my mum let me buy a pair of Air Jordans which were SO COOL then after that we went back on the airplane( I puked like five times again) flight for fifteen hour again then we came back to Australia at about 3 AM.

And that was my holiday in Korea hope you enjoyed 🙂